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David Gilmour Legendary tones for Amplitube 5 max finally available!


- Shine on (all guitar parts for the 1975 studio version)

- Have a cigar (all guitar parts for the 1975 studio version)

- Comfortably Numb (Pompei 2016 solo tone)

- Another brick in the wall (all guitar parts for the 1979 studio version: part 1,2 and solo)

- Sorrow (Studio version)

- Poles Apart (Solo, studio versio)

- Coming back to life (all guitar parts for the 1994 studio version)

- Time (solo, studio version)

- Money (wet and dry solo, studio version)

- Us and them (studio version)

- Any color you like (clean and solo, studio version)

- Brain Damage (studio version)

- Eclipse (studio version)

- Run Like Hell (The Wall live 1980 version)


€ 49,99 Prezzo regolare
€ 34,99Prezzo scontato
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